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We are revolutionizing the concept of mobile advertising with exciting and innovative advertising techniques. Mobile advertising allows an ad to be seen three-dimensionally not only on highways but in communities, which is what catches the eye of viewers and creates a retention rate second to none in the industry.  Plus our unique approach helps you give to your community by supporting a child's dream!

Why Mobile Advertising?

  • The Federal Highway Transportation Administration estimates that drivers of personal vehicles see an average of 750,000 visual impressions per month.


  • According to a 1995 National Public Transportation Survey, traffic has reached record numbers nationally, with the tally of cars up 147% since 1970. (Keep in mind, the survey was taken in 1995)


  • The Outdoor Advertising Association stated that in 1999, advertisers spent $4.8 billion on outdoor advertising, and the industry is growing at a rate of 10% each year, a pace faster than total advertising and the GDP!


  • We have allied ourselves with local teams and child oriented activities to offer the added benefit of sponsoring local and national events and individuals through our advertising approach.


With the skyrocketing prices of traditional advertising such as radio, television, print ads, and traditional billboards, TandemAds is poised to become a powerhouse in the outdoor advertising community!


We look forward to putting your company…on the road to success!