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The Simple Site Solution.

This is a fantastic place to begin your web experience.  This package allows you to get on the internet without spending a ton of time or money getting there.  We will help you find your Domain Name,  design your site and get your site hosted and available to the World Wide Web.  Ideal for the small business, we like to call this type of site, 'the business card site'.  Also ideal for teams or athletes to get their stats available to fans or scouts.  All in all, a great place to begin to get noticed on the internet for a more promising future!

Your Simple Site Solution includes:

  • Finding YourCompany.com URL

  • One main page, Four sub pages.

  • Digitization of your company's logo

  • Daily visitor statistics

  • Scanning of  photos

  • @YourCompany.com Email addresses

  • Reservation of Domain Name for one year.

  • Submission to major search engines

  • Business Card Design

  • and more...


Need a little bit more out of your site?

Upgrades are always available for all of our services. If your web site requires a database backend for customer information, custom graphics, an online shopping cart, or anything you could possibly think of we will work with you every step of the way to make additional options as affordable for you as possible.

You've put it off long enough, the time is now!

Email heather@xtraverse.com and we'll get started.