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Web Design

There are four main components to getting your website started:


1. Choosing a Name 2. Hosting your Site
Choosing your name is integral.  It represents you and the design of a logo represents your image.  At XTraverse we will help you choose and register a domain name.  Once we have decided on your name we can then help you design your logo or digitize your logo ready for website and promotional publishing.

Website hosting is something most of us take for granted.  It is essentially the home where your website will live and the place that the world wide web goes to when someone accesses your website.  XTraverse has teamed up with an industry leader to ensure your site enjoys 99.9% up time.  Keeping you plugged in to all the Internet has to offer.

*Includes 50 email addys 
3. Web Design 4. Website Publishing & SEO
This is the fun part, the part where you truly express the message and image that you are trying to convey to your prospect clientele.   XTraverse is committed to getting you exactly what you want.  We will help you design every part of your site and make sure that your personal touches are clearly expressed.  This is your site, you should feel like you are an integral part in it's creation. This involves more than you would expect.  There are an ever growing number of websites on the internet so getting your site found can be a huge challenge.  XTraverse will get you noticed on the internet.  We strive to keep up on all of the Search Engine Optimization techniques available today in order to give your site a strong internet presence and start applying them from day one.
*First 5 pages and logo design/digitization $20/additional page, $20/month unlimited updates on existing pages *Included in your initial site design.  More aggressive submission options are available.

*prices subject to change